Saturday, September 14, 2013

Week 10 EOC: Game Plan for Final Project

Plan for the week to complete the project is:
  1. For today finish The Big Idea blog.
  2. Print car photos
  3. Start Promotion blog. 
Tomorrow, Sunday
  1. Finish Promotion blog.
  2. Start and complete creative content.
  3. Begin thumbnails for commercial.
  4. Review and edit blogs.
  1. Continue thumbnails.
  2. Review and edit.
  1. Review and edit
  2. Complete commercial  thumbnail.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Week 9 EOC: Creative Content

 For my creative content I'm going to create a 30 second commercial. Since the project is to sell a car to a younger generation than its actual core market. I want to show my target audience why this is ‘the’ car to get. Or at least give them and idea why this car will top the rest. Since I have the 2014 Acura RLX and well it is a luxury flagship sedan I have to admit that in our "economy", some will argue that it might not be worth it. Most people will even debate, ‘why get an expensive car instead of getting a least expensive car that will get me from point A to point B’. With my commercial I will tell you why. You don't get a car to just get any car. It is a representation of you in some way or at least of where you are in life. We all go through those life changing phases a couple times in our lives. "It's a new beginning." "A fresh start." "It's the new chapter of my life." My commercial will go into the idea of change and growth. It is an idea and a feeling most people can relate to. There is going to be growth from young and na├»ve to older and wiser. I don’t want to give too much detail, but to sum it up it’s a commercial about change and self-appreciation. As ones self-being, one should be proud of ones accomplishments. Life is about growing, observing, and learning and some where along the road we should spoil ourselves once in awhile

My goal is to make you this happy. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 8 EOC: Ten Different Fonts

“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
Times New Roman
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
Berlin Sans FB
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
Hurry Up
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
Informal Roman
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
Old English Text MT
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”
“Jewel Luxury. Acura RLX”

Viner Hand ITC

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Analysis in the Real World

"When so many people stay continually connected throughout the day by mobile phone or computer, each person decides which advertising messages they care to receive and where to hear or view them. The ideas we generate will have to use media to build relationships and dialogue with people, allowing two-way conversations, offering utilities, with the understanding that each advertising message is an invited guest who can be tossed out at any moment if he or she does not bring something useful to the table." (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 4 pg. 48) If I was in charge of this ad in the real world I would create ads about growth and self appreciation. Create billboard about jewelry to incorporate the car.  Ad magazines with a love match pictures with people and the Acura's RLX car. I won't show relationships in funny comical ways. To show people why having this car is more than just a materialistic object. I would even go as far as tweeting things like "Where did you take your Acura RLX?" Or "Show us your best picture of you and your Acura RLX." Many if these ideas might or may not work, but when comes to advertising many things could happen. 
"Once you generate an ad idea, you need to evaluate it, testing it for functionality and creativity. Most ideas require refinement to strengthen them and to ensure they will work in practice. This is the point in the process to keenly critique your own concepts. This step requires evaluating, assessing, and logically supporting your viewpoint." (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa,  Chapter 5 pg. 74)

Creative Content

“Frames can be thought of as conceptual structures that determine meaning—the meaning of an argument or the meaning of a situation. (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 35)“Frames offer meaning in context, and they help us understand our world and quickly assess what is going on in it.(Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 35)
As you look at following frames that I drew myself. Hopefully achieved my idea into paper. My art my not be amazing but I did best to show emotion and express the story line in 9 thumbnails.
“It can be useful to first break the object down into constituent parts and examine the attributes of each part.(Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 40)

“The act of creating art—painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, collage, photography, any traditional or nontraditional art—activates several parts of the brain, sharpens thinking, provokes the mind's associative network, and increases focus to a point where creative thinking can occur.
When creating art for a solid period of time, you enter into a meditative zone of active experimentation. Creating fine art frees the subconscious mind from the design problem and may lead to ideas.(Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 40)

Scene 1
Scene 2

Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5

Scene 6
Scene 7
Scene 8

Scene 9

 The Script: 2014 Acura RLX 30 Second Commercial
Scene 1: Main character is looking at himself in the mirror. Fixing the bow tie on his Armani suit. He begins to reminisce.
Narrator: He starts to remember the first time he heard her name. Like a soft whisper, “Acura”.
He would not dare to say her name out loud, afraid that she might hear.
Scene 2: The main character is sitting in a cubicle doodling hearts around the name “Acura”. His first car is sitting in the shadows watching him, suspicious of his actions.
Narrator: He knew he was becoming obsessed, he knew that she knew of his new found love.
Scene 3: *Shows Acura RLX Jewel-Eyed headlights*
Narrator: Who could resist those eyes?
Scene 4: Montage of him and his first car. Playing video games, watching Twilight, his first date, and going to college.
Narrator: It’s not like he didn’t love his first car, he realized he just didn’t feel the same anymore.
Scene 5: His walking outside to his Acura RLX in the driveway.
Narrator: Then, again he isn’t the same man anymore. He has a new job, a new life, and even a new car. “The Jewel of Luxury. Acura RLX.”


An advertising idea— or concept—is the creative reasoning behind a solution. One thought usually leads to another—as you write, you'll be thinking. (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 5 pg. 66) To create promotion I’m going to create a television commercial. I want to create a fun comical commercial to attract a younger crowd than Acura’s core market. “Creative thinking is the ability to stretch beyond the ordinary, to be original, innovative, and flexible.” (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 32) The commercial will go beyond reality to a world where cars are alive. I know it sounds silly, but what better way to attract a younger crowd than a fresh imaginative perspective how we view the everyday world. ”A composition is the form, the whole spatial property and structure resulting from the intentional visualization and arrangement of graphic elements (type and visuals) in relation to one another and to the format. For each and every composition, you use the formal elements (line, shape, color, value, and texture) to visualize type and images, employing basic principles (balance, emphasis, unity, rhythm, and proportion) in the process of composing.” (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 9 pg. 152)

The Big Idea

“A big idea is a solid, creative, on-brand idea that is large enough and flexible enough to be used effectively across media for a period of time. (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 5 pg. 68) Let’s look at the Acura RLX so far… It’s a Flagship Luxury Sedan, in the price range of 40,000 plus, comes with top of the line features including p-aws. “Before advertising comes a core branding idea—the idea that imbues a brand or group with character that differentiates it and builds a relationship with the audience.” (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 4 pg. 49) The concept I chose is growth and change. I don’t necessarily mean physically but more along the lines of mental growth. You have gone or will go through a lot changes in life. For example, your first relationship, your first day of college, to your first “real” party, and your first time for a lot of other things.  You went through a lot of awkward changes but the most important thing you learned a lot. In other words you became older and wiser. Except through all those crazy changes and not so awesome moments there was something with you. What? , you might ask. Think about it. How did you get there? Your first car or more like your parent’s car and eventually they just gave it to you. It was beaten up, a little outdated and a sore eye to look at, but at least it had a working stereo. You never complain because it always got you to your destination. It was a connection only you two shared. It was their through the good the bad and the ugly. “Seeing a situation, brand, organization, product, service, or behavior from a different perspective (reversal) can help stimulate ideas.” (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 36) I think this concept will bring a different comical perspective to my car ad because it’s more relatable to people.  ”Stories are a way for people to communicate and relate. In the course of a day, each of us tells stories to connect with others, to work things out, as a way of explaining what happened or what we are thinking and feeling. Some of us may even read or tell a bedtime story, a traditional tale or legend, or a literary tale. (Advertising by Design by Robin Landa, Chapter 3 pg. 41)